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This book has been in my heart for many years. Friends and family would ask me—did I really want to write about such a painful time in my life, some of my failures, my mistakes, exposing myself to old hurts and wounds. Many, wounds—many that had already healed?

The answer was yes… As I settled in to write about my sons and other significant events of my past, I learned a lot about myself. I had healed, I had grown, and I could reach out and give to others, with no expectations in return.

When God Says No has been introspective for me, The friends, family and buyers of it have been overwhelmed by its message. The letters and calls that I have received from recipients have been too numerous to even try to keep count of. Many have bought the book for friends who are in pain.

Thank you to my family—John, Sheryl, Shelley, Frankie, Terry and Joyce. Without their encouragement and support, my journey in bringing it to you would have been extremely difficult. To Jean Hollands, Alan Leavens and John Snyder who were there unconditionally when it seemed darkest. To Richard Baltzell, who saw the power and need for this book and to Susan Brophy, whose fingers moved much faster than mine ever could.

All of us have been a team … a gift to and for each other. 1

  1. Briles, Judith. When God Says No: Finding the “Yes” in Pain and Disappointment. 2nd ed, Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company, 1994, vii [return]