Fidál, 13 Sharaf (Honor), 178 B.E.


On an afternoon walk with granddaughter …


Corresponded with members of a global initiative just getting underway that intends to rally folks across the board in an effort to proliferate, accelerate, and intensify efforts to effectively address fallout from climate change. More on this will be posted to “Global Rebirth.”


On this day six years ago my son passed away suddenly and unexpectedly a month shy of his 45th birthday. In rewatching the The Matrix series, the parallels between my son and Neo are obvious to me. While I undoubtedly miss our interactions, I can imagine him free from the bonds of this physical world and the absurdity of human behavior within it to travel the vast expanses of countless worlds beyond — never looking back nor missing a beat. And that brings me great comfort. As always, Godspeed …

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We are very close to an end of a millennium. The timing is apt; here is an opportunity for us to ponder our positions within the context of past millennia. Our modern problems of catastrophic environmental damage, the dangers of biological, chemical or nuclear warfare, of overpopulation, international terrorism, genetic engineering and so on are quite different from the problems faced by societies living a thousand years ago. Or are they? Perhaps the medieval drama is still playing itself out, and it is only our costumes and props that have changed.

This book explores the relationship between the two worlds of our existence. In particular, it asks whether the rupture that has occurred between our inner and outer worlds can ever be mended, or whether one could even reasonably expect this chasm to be bridged. The approach taken is a philosophical one, having recourse to elements from the philosophies of science, mind, religion and so on. Because of the magnitude of the subject, the discussion will be a multi-disciplinary one, The basic premiss of the book is that one does not have to be a specialist in any branch of science, philosophy or theology to seek answers to the ultimate questions of our existence. The questions are so fundamental that all of us should ask them and all attempts at answering them must teach us something. It is in this spirit that I undertook the writing of this book. 1

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