Istiqlál, 09 Sharaf (Honor), 178 B.E.


As the sun sinks slowly in the west …


Continued to organize books and figure out how to best document their bibliographic information and content notes prior to donating them. So far, this is not feeling like it has much value. Maybe the path forward will become clearer the more I get involved in the sorting process.


Another one of Astral Prospecting’s year-end fungal finds—Crowded Parchment (Stereum complicatum)

Related to Stereum rameale, a pathogen that infects peach trees :-(

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This small prayer book is dedicated to the unity of all religions. The great faith traditions of mankind hold many of the same spiritual values: reverence for the Creator, appreciation of nature, respect for the sacredness of life, recognition of the need for personal and collective salvation and faith in divine governance over human affairs. Further, all promote the cultivation of virtues: love, kindness, honesty, humility, discipline and service.

Despite this foundation of shared beliefs, religious differences too often cause suspicion and animosity. Commonalities go unnoticed and misunderstanding prevails. The bridge to reconciliation is mutual understanding and respect. The more we know about other faiths, the more we shall see our commonalities.

Nothing reveals the heart of a people more than prayer. And sharing prayers from a variety of faith traditions has special potential. It can unite hearts in sacred acknowledgment of the mysteries of life and sacred values held in common. 1

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