Jalál, 03 Sharaf (Honor), 178 B.E.



The new year began like the old one ended …

NOIR We Had To Let You Have ItRain


Cooked up a batch of black-eyed peas, rice, and cornbread to start the new year with tasty food and an eye on what opportunities the future holds.

Posted initial draft of follow-on to “The Changing Nature of Work and Time” titled, “Meaningful Engagement—Work Redefined.”


On a recent field trip, Astral Prospecting snagged pics of various fungi. Here’s one of them:

Violet-Tipped Polypore (Trichaptum biforme)

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The present work originated in Persian as a series of articles written by the young architect and writer, Mr. Fariburz Sahba, for the Bahá’í children’s magazine “Varqá” and later published under the present title by the Bahá’í Publishing Trust of Írán.

It is unfortunate, even sad, that this translation does not communicate, or sometimes, contain, all the extremely rich, poetic airs present in the original version. This might be an admission of failure, since one of the goals of the translators has been the accurate rendering of such airs and feelings. But during the two years taken to complete this work, it was proven, time and again, that not all the poetic imagery was translatable. This was especially so where pure cultural imagery had been employed.

We should like to express our social thanks to some of the people whose help made this work possible—Donna Cole for reading and helping in typing the final manuscript. Jennifer and Tony Fischbach, and Lesley Cole, for helping in the development of the style in which this work was written. 1

  1. Sahba, Fariburz. The Green Years. Translated by Betsy R Berz and Kámrán Mesbáh, 1st Edition, Bahá’í Publishing Trust, 1982, Foreward. [return]