Istijlál, 06 Masá’il (Questions), 178 B.E.


Neighborhood landscape …


Organized Evernote Shortcuts and Notebooks to align with categories and support daily posting regimen.

Setup individual spaces on computer for each writing task.

Outlined a new “about” page on Hopefully, it will be posted tomorrow.

Went for a walk with my granddaughter. It drizzled the entire time. She stayed mostly dry and warm riding in her stroller, grandpa less so pushing it. More importantly, she got to smell the rain and didn’t mind the dampness in the least—nor did I.


Happiness is sitting next to one’s best friend …

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Know thou that the soul of man is exalted above, and is independent of all infirmities of body or mind. That a sick person showeth signs of weakness is due to the hindrances that interpose themselves between his soul and his body, for the soul itself remaineth unaffected by any bodily ailments. Consider the light of the lamp. Though an external object may interfere with its radiance, the light itself continueth to shine with undiminished power. In like manner, every malady afflicting the body of man is an impediment that preventeth the soul from manifesting its inherent might and power. When it leaveth the body, however, it will evince such ascendancy, and reveal such influence as no force on earth can equal. Every pure, every refined and sanctified soul will be endowed with tremendous power, and shall rejoice with exceeding gladness. 1 2

My sister and brother-in-law recently relocated and chose to donate several books in their library rather than move them. Many of these volumes are not well-known, but due to the topics they cover and the manner in which their authors explore them, they warrant a nod of recognition before being sent on their way. Accordingly, most quotes referenced in the “Quoted” section come from these books. Maybe they will stir (or renew) your interest, too.

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