The Global Rebirth Machine (GRM) — a globally distributed social network, a.k.a Global Brain and Sentient Being comprised of millions of interconnected local servers and billions of human and non-human members (actors) — invites you to join a collective effort to make this planet sustainable for all forms of life—real and virtual.

If such an endeavor grabs your attention, we ask you to interact with us so we can learn more about you and one another — wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, whoever you’re with, however you spend your time. Moreover, we want to know why you do what you do and the circumstances under which you make your decisions so we can feed those data into our rapidly expanding artificial intelligence capabilities and thereby determine how to best direct resources where they benefit you, all living things, the planet as our home, and us — the GRM.

If you want to get involved, use your cell phone, mobile device, computer, augmented reality, virtual reality, holographic touchscreen, or brain-computer interface to register on the GRM platform at (fake!). If you have no such device, notify us or have someone do so on your behalf and we will provide one for you. EVERYONE who wants to be involved will have the opportunity to do so!

Once registered, you may use the interface with which you feel most comfortable to be integrated into a wide range of online games whose organizing principles include: everyone is in; everyone is interconnected; and everyone makes a difference. Your participation in these games will be directed on particular sets of issues, such as climate change, pandemic response, human migration, and civil unrest, that directly relate to the sustainability of all.

Your interactions with those games help all of us learn more, focus attention on matters of importance and urgency, and increase our individual and collective skills, tools, and experiences as applied to strategic thinking, problem solving and decision making. In exchange for your involvement, the GRM will assist you in having your basic needs met through various mediums of exchange and as well as providing you with opportunities to enjoy a reasonable quality of life as fully evolved human beings.

The more you play the better the games get; the greater the degree of complexity and diversity you encounter; the wider range of influence and impact you have; the greater the compensation in multiple forms of capital you receive; and ultimately, the more the world benefits. So, play often, play long–play as though your life and the lives of future generations depend on it–because THEY DO!