Fidál, 07 Qudrat (Power), 178 B.E.


Not giving up yet …


Furniture Bank of Central Ohio picked up an unused appliance and playground equipment for another family to enjoy — YAY!

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Bob Recker’s birthday

Longstanding personal friend, work colleague, and “co-conspirator” in our interlinked efforts to change the world (or make a dent in the universe)

He is the founder and owner of Cedar Valley Innovation LLC

After 34 years of collaboration, we continue to explore:

Organizing Principles

  • Everyone in the organization is included; no one is left out
  • Anyone in the organization is interconnected with everyone else
  • The behavior of anyone in the organization impacts everyone else

as they apply to nested organization / social structures

  • Networks
  • Communities
  • Teams

and take advantage of technological developments in

  • Platforms
  • Gamification
  • Algorithms

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This book brings together for easy reference some of the most important passages in Bahá’í literature concerning the Ascension of Bahá’u’lláh. Included are selections from Bahá’í scripture, commentary, discourses, and personal recollections. It is hoped that this compilation will be used by individual believers and Bahá’í communities as a source of prayers and quotations, of readings for Bahá’í Holy-Day celebrations and commemorative programs, for references to the history of Bahá’u’lláh’s passing, and for inspirational reading. 1

THE world’s great Light, once resplendent upon all mankind, hath set, to shine everlastingly from the Abhá Horizon, His Kingdom of fadeless glory, shedding splendor upon His loved ones from on high and breathing into their hearts and souls the breath of eternal life.

Ponder in your hearts that which He hath foretold in His Tablet of the Divine Vision that hath been spread throughout the world. Therein He saith: “Thereupon she wailed and exclaimed: ‘May the world and all that is therein be a ransom for Thy woes. O Sovereign of heaven and earth! Wherefore hast Thou left Thyself in the hands of the dwellers of this prison-city of ‘Akká? Hasten Thou to other dominions, to Thy retreats above, whereon the eyes of the people of names have never fallen.’ We smiled and spake not. Reflect upon these most exalted words, and comprehend the purpose of this hidden and sacred mystery.” 2

My sister and brother-in-law recently relocated and chose to donate several books in their library rather than move them. Many of these volumes are not well-known, but due to the topics they cover and the manner in which their authors explore them, they warrant a nod of recognition before being sent on their way. Accordingly, most quotes referenced in the “Quoted” section come from these books. Maybe they will stir (or renew) your interest, too.

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