Istijlál, 12 Mashíyyat, 178 B.E.



Our family cat for nearly 18 years was named “Puffball”. This Puffball Mushroom sprouted about 3 feet from her grave in the backyard…


Got the Pfizer booster today. Felt no ill-effects from the first two, so, why not?!

The Florida room is just like I want it—at the moment. Between that and the pantry clean-up we have another round of donations almost ready to be dropped off. Will bring in houseplants over the next couple of weeks, which may very well change the arrangement.

For now, though, I’m ready to tackle some of the boxes stored away in the garage wherein their contents have remained untouched for 20 years—just to say that I started the onerous process!


Astral Prospecting on Instagram: Smallmouth Bass Fishing

Marc Bosserman on Instagram: Practicing!


The purpose of this book is to show how the Bahá’í Faith meets the needs of mankind today, and how it is building up what is believed will be a new world-wide civilization in which all people can live together in justice, harmony, and peace. The emphasis is on the practical means to this end as well as on the dream.

Many, concerned about the condition of society and about the sense of unfulfilment in their personal lives, automatically assume that they will not find an answer in religion. Past experience has left a negative impression of superstition and escapism. This book is primarily addressed to those who have this point of view.

What is asked of such readers is that they have an open mind. It is healthy to approach new ideas with skepticism. However, there is a need to guard against scepticism been confused with prejudice, and against it degenerating into an anti-life cynicism. 1

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