Fidál, 10 Mashíyyat, 178 B.E.


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Finished the pantry—for the most part. Cleared two tables in the Florida room so they can be posted for sale online. Setup a desk with a smaller footprint to open up more floor space. Now, to start the next round of sorting and determine what gets kept, donated, or tossed. Progress: slowly, but slowly!


Astral Prospecting on Instagram: Black and Yellow Garden Spider


In the spiritual realm, where reality is not physical, what would a world be? I am inclined to take the term “worlds” and the concept of “infinite worlds of God” as connected to every person’s advancement through unnumbered stages of spiritual development leading to ever-increasing knowledge and love of God. As we “travel” through the worlds of God we acquire virtues and perfections and become better reflectors of God’s Light, attaining unto “salvation in all the worlds”.

‘Abdu’l-Bahá offers a useful “travel” analogy about the purpose of traveling through different worlds:

The human spirit is a divine trust which must traverse every degree, for traversing and passing through the degrees of existence is the means of its acquiring perfections. So, for example, when a man travels in an orderly and methodical manner through many different countries and regions, this will most certainly be the means of acquiring perfections, for he will see at first hand various sites, scenes, and regions; learn about the affairs and circumstances of other nations; become familiar with the geography of other lands; acquaint himself with their arts and wonders; become informed of the customs, conduct, and character of their inhabitants; witness the civilization and the advancements of the time; and be apprised of the manner of government, the capacity, and the receptivity of each country. In the same way, when the human spirit traverses the degrees of existence and attains each degree and station—even that of the body—it will assuredly acquire perfections. 1

Common references to heaven as either Pearly Gates or an idyllic Paradise are indications of something wonderful to come. Though no mortal can fully comprehend descriptions of the worlds beyond, the Scriptures lead us to expect joyful growth, expansive happiness, and marvelous opportunities. And they make clear that everyone is invited. Vast horizons, infinite worlds of God, are in store for the human race and for every individual. 2

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