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Car is EMPTY. Everything delivered to the Furniture Bank of Central Ohio

Completed first round of sorting through stuff in the pantry—oldest “best used by” date found so far: 2007!


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Tab’s Galaxy on YouTube: ASMR Unboxing Doorables, Part 1

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Bahá’í Quote - ‘Idál, 4 Mashíyyat, 178 B.E.

The purpose of this commentary is not to enter into an analysis of the methods of interpretation or to resolve such debates. Rather, this issue has been brought up simply to point out that the history of the interpretation of Jesus’ Olivet Discourse has shown that from the beginning its interpretation is subject to a variety of complex problems, that its intended meaning is not fully agreed upon by the advocates of any method of interpretation, and that the difficulties Christian commentators and modern scholars have had in ascertaining its meaning preclude any dogmatic determinations. Commenting on the methods of interpretation, Bahá’u’lláh’s son, ‘Abdul-Bahá, states: 1

It is difficult to comprehend even the words of a philosopher; how much more difficult it is to understand the Words of God. The divine Words are not to be taken according to their outer sense. They are symbolical and contain realities of spiritual meaning. For instance, in the book of Solomon’s songs you will read about the bride and bridegroom. It is evident that the physical bride and bridegroom are not intended. Obviously, these are symbols conveying a hidden and inner significance. In the same way the Revelations of St. John are not to be taken literally, but spiritually. These are the mysteries of God. It is not the reading of the words that profits you; it is the understanding of their meanings. Therefore, pray God that you may be enabled to comprehend the mysteries of the divine Testaments. 2

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