Ready for a long flight?


Car is full of stuff to take to the Furniture Bank of Central Ohio tomorrow!

Shelves assembled and installed in the pantry - progress!

Bahá’í Quote - Fidál, 3 Mashíyyat, 178 B.E.

Ours, dearly-beloved co-workers, is the paramount duty to continue, with undimmed vision and unabated zeal, to assist in the final erection of that Edifice the foundations of which Bahá’u’lláh has laid in our hearts, to derive added hope and strength from the general trend of recent events, however dark their immediate effects, and to pray with unremitting fervor that He may hasten the approach of the realization of that Wondrous Vision which constitutes the brightest emanation of His Mind and the fairest fruit of the fairest civilization the world has yet seen. 1

The Divine Spirit is the cosmic power of the universe. Sincere prayer is the means of making contact with this great cosmic force. Faith is born by this contact. Need for sincere, earnest prayer for the new Creation cannot be overestimated. Man must come to this realization soon. 2

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