By dawn’s early light:


“Reset” the Florida room in readiness for the next wave of sorting. Now I have many more flat surfaces upon which to set things I don’t need or want rather than get rid of them ;-)

Bahá’í Quote - Jalál, 19 ‘Izzat, 178 B.E.

Also a father and mother endure the greatest troubles and hardships for their children; and often when the children have reached the age of maturity, the parents pass on to the other world. Rarely does it happen that a father and mother in this world see the reward of the care and trouble they have undergone for their children. Therefore, children, in return for this care and trouble, must show forth charity and beneficence, and must implore pardon and forgiveness for their parents. So you ought, in return for the love and kindness shown you by your father, to give to the poor for his sake, with greatest submission and humility implore pardon and remission of sins, and ask for the supreme mercy. 1

  1. Bahá’u’lláh and ’Abdu’l-Bahá. Baha’i World Faith. 1943. 2nd ed., Bahai Publishing Trust, 1976. 329-330. [return]