As the world of unparalleled success the company enjoyed a mere five years before continued unabated on its “fade to black” course, each wave of new management brought “help” from the outside in the form of consultants. Regardless of consulting firms they represented, their role, inevitably, was to offer advice about how to “trim fat” or more euphemistically, “rightsize” the organization on its downward trajectory. They proposed projects to cut expenses, streamline processes, and consolidate operations which, following the dictum of “cost walks on two legs,” undoubtedly resulted in reduced staffing as proof of their merit. In the face of almost certain hesitancy on the part of those responsible for the areas affected to carry out these “recommendations”, senior management contracted with consultant teams to implement the projects so the company could realize the advantages they promised and justify the expense of the consultants. Management meetings to mark progress on the projects became occasions to post the outcomes of internal “dueling contests” wherein yesterday there were two divisions with facilities, departments, and staffs; now, there is only one. Tomorrow, there may be none. The lesson learned: downsizing into prosperity is a losing strategy!