Attitudes that Reflect the Sublime Teachings

Let us consecrate ourselves to the creation of a world in which knowledge will be the province of all; where there are no limitations imposed upon a soul by virtue of race, gender, or creed; where the material and spiritual aspects of life are in harmony; and where all of the truths essential for human progress are held sacred. …The evils of racism, materialism, and moral decadence will be eradicated only by a love that is translated into action

  • Going out of our way to befriend all
  • Appreciating the indispensable contributions of all
  • Joining hands with all in the creation of a new world 1

  1. National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá’ís of the United States, “This Pivotal Juncture in our Nation’s History,” (February 25, 2017), 3-4 [return]